Fondly remembering the days when both Flash and I were happy to stand in the arena for a photoshoot, basking in the sun…

Today we did not do this, it was one of those ‘wet rain’ days where the mist was heavy and the wind was strong!

Having been so busy last week I was really pleased with myself that I prioritised time for me to do the horses this morning – i did Paddy and had a lesson on Flash, and was off home by 10am!

After my difficult session on Sunday I booked a private with Jade on Flash for this morning, and I can’t say enough how much it helped us both.

She put us on the left rein (which is our good rein) to start, so I knew what good felt like, understand why it was good, to seek it on the right rein. Then on the right rein she helped me break down what was different, what was going wrong, and the steps to address. We were just aiming for a bit of progress on the right, not perfection, and as soon as it would go well, we’d take a break. If things unravelled, we’d go back to the left, get it going well, then swap back to the right to try for progress again.

I left the lesson with exactly what we needed on the left, and moments of what we needed on the right. That’s all you need when you’re trying to make progress – is to know what good is supposed to feel or look like, and know that you’re going some way towards replicating that, if even a building block, each time you ride.

So now we know what good looks and feels like, we know how to get it, and it’s a case of doing a little each time we train to get there.

Small, simple steps are the key to not just building, but re-building and sustaining confidence.

We are taught to reward our horses when they offer us even the slightest effort toward what we’re looking for – to teach them that they’re going in the right direction and incentivise them to keep trying. But we often forget so often to do that for ourselves – to reward what is a big effort with sometimes small results, to remind ourselves we are doing great, and to keep going.

If we can’t do that for ourselves, we must make sure we have someone that can. A good coach that can be that person for you, is worth their weight in gold.

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