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Welcome to Day Three of the 12 Days of Giftmas by Inside Track Eventing – the ultimate Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide! Each day for the 12 days, I will be bringing you a range of Christmas gift ideas for the horse lovers in your life, each day centred around a specific theme – that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping, or your own Santa list! 


You can find the entire gift guide for every day here – why not bookmark it so you can come back to it each day, or use it as your inspiration when doing your Christmas shopping?


The theme for Day Three of the 12 Days of Giftmas is Yard & Tack Room Essentials. One of the biggest worries when picking out a gift for someone is wondering if they will like it, or use it – or will it just sit there in the spare room or on their shelf at home, gathering dust? Well for today’s gift guide, that gift receipt is a lot less likely to be used (though I wouldn’t recommend ever throwing it away, just in case eh!), as often the best gifts are the most practical and useful ones! And often the most practical and useful items, are the ones that break or go kaput at the most inopportune moments – so by giving the gift of a Yard & Tack Room Essential, you are giving a horse owner relief and saving them time and hassle! It will also remind them of you and how amazing you are every time they use it!


Read on to find out how you can get in your favourite horsey person’s good books with Yard & Tack Room Essentials:


  • A High Quality Leather Care Kit

    balmoral equestrian
    The Balmoral Equestrian 1-2-3 Kit

Is there anything more satisfying than beautifully cleaned, shiny and supple leather tack and boots? Keeping our leather items in tip top shape is so important, and even more so in winter when they get covered in mud, splashed from puddles, and get rained on. And being busy people, we don’t always have time to deep clean our tack – so items that help us get them cleaned quickly, protect them so they stay in great condition, and even revive them when we’ve maybe neglected them or they need some extra TLC, are so important. Oh and of course – can we have all that at a decent price?

Well look no further than Balmoral Equestrian who tick all of these boxes! Balmoral Equestrian are highly experienced in all things leather care, and make their own products which I have personally used and can highly recommend. My personal favourite is their 1-2-3 kit, which includes a leather cleaning spray (perfect for day to day cleaning), their famous “Colour Revive” cream which restores the colour on tired saddles, and the leather revive conditioner which supples and conditions leather. I purchased this kit myself and used it with great effect – it totally transformed my old Amerigo saddle! Read on here for my review of the kit.

balmoral equestrian
The Balmoral Equestrian Waterproof Conditioner

[AD – PR Product] Another item I would recommend is their Waterproof Conditioner (which was provided to me by Balmoral Equestrian as a PR Product to review) which is a spray that both conditions and waterproofs leather – perfect for the wet winter days! I have also used this and find it great, I apply it once a week and have found my saddle stays soft and doesn’t dry out.

Balmoral Equestrian have a full shop with lots of fabulous gift ideas at really great prices – check them out and send them a Facebook message if you need advice, Nigel is very helpful!


  • A Decent Wheelbarrow

Can any horse owner think of a better gift than a really good wheelbarrow?! Unless of course they already have one – but inevitably the wheelbarrow will break or go kaput at the moment when there are still six more stables to be mucked out and all the shops are closed. Bonus points if you can get them a wheelbarrow in their favourite colour!

  • Items for the First Aid Kit

    mother bee
    Mother Bee Soothe & Protect

It is always the moment that a horse comes in from the field on three legs, that you realise there is something critical missing from your first aid kit. Help your beloved horse owner avoid this by topping up their first aid kit with some essential items that work and will be used time and time again!

[AD- PR Product] Three items I would recommend to add to any first aid kit are Mother Bee Soothe & Protect, Botanica Herbal Cream, and Equizal Barrier Cream. Mother Bee do lovely gift hampers (including products for horses, dogs and humans), and Botanica also do a fabulous range of products beyond their herbal cream that you could package up into a nice hamper!

  • Protection Against Chapped Hands & Lips

Another inevitable item that cannot be found when it is needed most, is something that deals with chapped hands or lips. Why not give someone a nice hand cream or lip balm? I can highly recommend La Roche Posay Cicaplast Hand Cream, and for lips it’s either Vaseline or Carmex for me!

  • A Head Torch

The best gift I ever received, hands down, was the headtorch my boyfriend got me for Christmas last year. Dark winter days often mean coming back from shows or training in the dark, trying to find horses in the field, or put them out in the morning in the pitch black – so you cannot beat a decent headtorch for the winter, the receiver will thank you for it! A bonus is a hat with a headtorch, which I was given from TRI Equestrian last year and absolutely love!

  • Good Yard Gloves

    equetech storm
    Equetech Storm Gloves

A decent pair of waterproof gloves with fleece lining are a must for the winter. I have fallen in love with the Equetech Storm Gloves (which I won as part of my prize for the Equestrian Blogger of the Year), or if you prefer a pair of work gloves then Sealskinz come highly recommended.

  • Leadropes

Does anyone else feel like there is a bermuda triangle where leadropes and hoofpicks go to hide? You can never have enough leadropes (or hoof picks), so it’s always worth throwing in a leadrope to a gift for a horsey person.

  • A Hot/Cold Water Bottle

Why not get them something versatile that can be used for hot drinks during winter, or cold drinks/water in the heat of summer? I highly recommend Chillys which keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold – I have one myself, and love its versatility. They can also be personalised, so you can put someone’s name on it!

  • A Whiteboard to Organise Their Week

The best thing I’ve ever bought for myself was this whiteboard to help me plan mine and the horses’ weeks. It was a total bargain, and I use it to plan out their days in work, days off, vet, farrier etc. You can hang it in the tack room or at home, and so easy to see what everyone is doing at a glance!


So there you have it – 10 ideas for Yard & Tack Room Essentials that will be sure to come in useful for any horse owner – and put you in the good books for a long time to come!

If you fancy more gift ideas, why not read all the previous days’ gift guides here?

Natalie xo

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