Welcome to Day Five of the 12 Days of Giftmas by Inside Track Eventing – the ultimate Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide! Each day for the 12 days, I will be bringing you a range of Christmas gift ideas for the horse lovers in your life, each day centred around a specific theme – that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping, or your own Santa list!

You can find the entire gift guide for every day here – why not bookmark it so you can come back to it each day, or use it as your inspiration when doing your Christmas shopping?

The theme for Day Five of the 12 Days of Giftmas is Horses at Home. Because we just can’t get enough of our horses when we’re in the stables, in the field or out and about with them – why not bring them into our home too? This gift guide focuses on unique equestrian-themed gifts for the home, for all styles, tastes and budgets.

A Piece of Decor Made from a Horseshoe

horseshoe gift
Some examples of the stunning horseshoe wreaths created by Fur.bello

Whether you’re on the hunt for a Christmas decoration and would like to inject your love of horses into it, or if you’re looking for a unique decoration that you can hang in your home all year round, why not consider a decoration made from a horseshoe?

If you are in Ireland, I recently discovered Fur.bello, a small business in Wicklow, Ireland that makes unique seasonal and year-round wreaths made from horseshoes. You can choose to supply your own horseshoe if you would like something special made and to bring a piece of your own horse into your home, or Fur.bello can supply the shoes for you. The wreaths can be made with a Christmas or non-Christmas theme, using a combination of locally sourced forage and artificial materials, and cost 25euro. After discovering them, I have ordered one for Paddy and Flash using their shoes, and I cannot wait to get them!

If you are in the United Kingdom, check out Horseshoe Hearts, a farrier & artist team who produce lots of unique gifts made out of horseshoes. Like Fur.bello, they can make the items using their own or your horseshoes, and they have a range of items available for all occasions and tastes.


An Equestrian Book

There’s nothing nicer than a timeless Equestrian-themed book to sit on the coffee table, the TV stand or bedside locker – for decorative purposes, to pick up time and time again when you need a boost, or just to make sure visitors to your home (whenever they’re allowed again) know that you love horses.

For anyone familiar with the beautiful and evocative words of Lucy Blain from cromwellandlucy (and if you haven’t where have you been? Get over there and read them now!), you will be delighted to know that you can now have her words in print, with stunning images, on your coffee table at ho

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox & The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

me. Stable Thoughts, Lucy Blain’s new book, containing all of her best pieces from her blog, is now available to buy for just £9.99. I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early release copy and I can assure you that the words and images are both beautiful, and any horsey person would be thrilled to receive this as a Christmas gift.

Another book I would highly recommend as a gift is Charlie Mackesy’s stunning book The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The HorseIt is full of beautiful drawings and quotes that can uplift and inspire on the most difficult of days. It is on sale at Eason now for just 12.99.



audrey hamilton
‘White Pony’ by Audrey Hamilton Art

A Piece of Equestrian Art

There’s nothing like your own photos around the house to capture your cherished memories (check out Day 2 of my Giftmas Guide here for more ideas on that), but I also believe that a lovely piece of Equestrian art can really add to the decor of a home. For those that love a ‘pop’ of colour, check out Audrey Hamilton Art – I already have two pieces from her and love them – and this lovely ‘White Pony’ piece which is just stunning!

Another artist that I love is Shirley Macarthur – I have two pieces from her now (more on my favourite cushion below!), and she has a range of fun horse prints here.


A Cushion

equestrian cushion
The ‘Flash’ Cushion by Shirley Macarthur

My favourite Christmas gift from last year (apart from my headtorch) has to be my ‘Flash’ Cushion from Shirley Macarthur. I am sure there’s other equestrian themed cushions out there, but honestly I think this is the only one I can recommend because it is so fun and really unique!

If you want to make it personal, you could put your gift recipient’s favourite image on a cushion, using a site like Photobox.


emily cole illustrations
Emily Cole Illustrations Tea Towel


Items for the Kitchen or Living Room

Why not get someone a lovely horsey-themed teatowel or an apron? Emily Cole Illustrations has some fabulous unique designs for lots of different homewares – from teatowels, to oven gloves, aprons and even placemats. She also has lots of other unique gifts that someone will surely be delighted to receive this Christmas!


So that’s five ideas on Day Five of the 12 Days of Giftmas for Horsey Gifts for the Home – I hope you found these useful, and found some inspiration for gift ideas and some small businesses and artists to shop from!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s guide which is Getting Personal – a list of personalised gift ideas for the horsey person!

Natalie xo


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