Welcome to Day Eight of the 12 Days of Giftmas by Inside Track Eventing – the ultimate Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide! Each day for the 12 days, I will be bringing you a range of Christmas gift ideas for the horse lovers in your life, each day centred around a specific theme – that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping, or your own Santa list!

You can find the entire gift guide for every day here – why not bookmark it so you can come back to it each day, or use it as your inspiration when doing your Christmas shopping?

The theme for Day Eight of the 12 Days of Giftmas is Stocking Fillers. In this guide, I bring you a range of gift ideas that can be either a stocking filler/add on gift as part of a bigger gift – or be *the* gift that you give to someone this Christmas – as gifts can come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, and are purchased for lots of different people. What you spend does not matter – it is the thought and effort to get something that someone will love and use, that counts. So read on for some stocking filler ideas, with the caveat that these are also pretty epic gifts to receive on their own too!

Equisoc make a range of socks for all tastes – I challenge you to find a colour that doesn’t exist on their site!

A Good Pair of Socks

If you’re talking about stocking fillers, you couldn’t not talk about socks, could you? They are the ultimate ‘stocking’ filler (pun completely intended)!

To verify this, I did a survey asking my followers what was on their Christmas wish list – and I think I could count on one hand the number of people who didn’t respond with ‘socks’ or ‘good socks’. That says a lot about us horsey folk! Either we wear a LOT of socks (I believe this), or our socks don’t last for long enough and we keep having to replace them (also believe this, as we are very hard on socks!).

[AD-PR Product] Well whatever reason you have for wanting socks, I have the brand for you. Equisoc are an Irish clothing company, whose founder Kevin is not only massively passionate about the Equestrian world, but also a clothing designer by trade – with lots of experience. They first started designing socks for jockeys, focusing on creating items that were made to last, and were both comfortable and practical – built to last. Now, they design socks for all us horsey folk, and are not only comfortable and practical – but also fashionable!

Check out the new Sapphire Collection from Equisoc – fabulous colours for all tastes!

They come in a range of colours – I would be surprised if you couldn’t find a pack of Equisoc in your favourite colour – and each pack of two comes in a plain and pattern design, so you have the gift of choice. I have had a few pairs from Equisoc provided to me to trial, and I have to say I have no complaints about them – the thicker sole ensures that your feet are comfortable, but also warm (I haven’t found my feet get cold even when spending the day at the yard in my leather riding boots), but the thinner material on the legs ensures they are not bulky under riding boots.

A Jazzy Face Mask

face mask
One of Thea by THEA’s Christmas Masks – a sequin outer with cotton inner. Stunning!

Ah, face masks – the accessory of 2020. Not only are reusable face masks a highly practical gift for anyone this Christmas, they are also sustainable (woohoo!), and helpful for the hopeful return to competitions in 2021, when we may have to wear them at venues or even competing in some instances. If you’re going to wear a mask, why not support a small business and be fashionable at the same time? I have purchased a number of masks from Thea by THEA this year, and can attest to their quality, fit, and range of designs for all tastes. Thea has designed a range of masks, including ones for kids, and ones with adjustable ear loops, should you find standard masks don’t quite fit right. She has also brought a Christmas range out, with masks with matching scrunchies. Prices start from just 14.99 euro for adults and 10.99 euro for kids. Why not take matchy matchy to the next level and get a mask that matches your favourite horse and rider matchy outfit?!

A Good Bobble Hat or Headband

Just one of the many fabulous hats from Sabbott Headwear

“I don’t need another bobble hat/headband” – said no Equestrian ever! Despite the never ending amount of hats and headbands we have, we always seem to want more?! This year, why not choose a brand that proactively ensures that they produce high quality items, without compromising on animal welfare? Sabbott Headwear produce strictly Faux Fur knits, with the motto “Fur is Vanity, Faux is Sanity”. The only problem I have with Sabbott Headwear – is that it’s too hard to pick just one! My personal favourites are the Linda and Zuzana (of course I always somehow seem to pick the more expensive ones), and I already own the Ada Headband in Black. There’s a huge range of styles and colours, with prices starting from £25 – and the good news is, Sabbott already have a Black Friday sale live, with 20% off using the code BF20.

A Horsey Mug

“The Eventer” Mug, by Muddy Mayhem

You cannot go wrong with a horsey mug as a gift for Christmas. Unless that person doesn’t drink hot drinks, in which case there must be something wrong with them?! A great source for mugs (and other gifts) that have amazing cartoons that feel just a little *too* real and will have your recipient giggling away about how accurate they are, is Muddy Mayhem. If you don’t already follow Karla, the founder of Muddy Mayhem, on social media (particularly TikTok) – well where have you been, get on it as your day is about to be made! Karla perfectly captures the woes of being a horse owner just perfectly, and there is a design for everyone in the horsey world – from the different disciplines of dressage, showjumping, cross country and team chasing, to the different types of people such as the non horsey other half, the thoroughbred or cob owner. My personal pick is The Eventer Mug, and the G’waaan Bracelet (to remind me to shout it when I’m coming up to a scary fence XC!).

“There’s a good chance there’s horse hair in here” Mug from Centrepiece Gifts

Another company that you might want to check out for mugs with great captions, that I have mentioned in a previous gift guide, is Centrepiece Gifts. Centrepiece Gifts stock a range of mugs with fun captions, with my favourite being “there’s a good chance there’s horse hair in here”. Don’t forget, Centrepiece Gifts have 20% off for all followers of Inside Track Eventing until the end of November, with the code INSIDETRACKEVENTING.

Horse Treats

Whatever about stocking fillers for the humans – you can’t forget the horse! I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets presents for my horses for Christmas – and considering they don’t actually care about the latest saddlepad you bought, then you might want to look into a nice treat for them! My personal picks are this big bag of treats from KM Elite, Stud Muffins, or a Likit Mini Lick.

Grooming Supplies

The Tigers Tongue Horse Groomer – my favourite Grooming item!

There’s nothing nicer than having your grooming kit topped up with a few key items that you will use time and time again – or run out of, time and time again! Why not stock up your recipients grooming kit with some useful items like the Tigers Tongue Grooming Sponge (my all time favourite grooming item, I now have three!), the Hands On Grooming Gloves (like the Tigers Tongue, Hands Down the best multi-purpose grooming tool for shedding hair, getting mud off, or washing a horse), or some shampoo? My favourite shampoos are the Turfmasters Range (I use the Pro-Whitening Shampoo on Flash) or the Coconut Shampoo from Balmoral Equestrian, it smells delish! And you really can’t ever go wrong with a mane and tail spray.

Practical Yard Items

Equi-ping Safety Tie for Horses

Why not get a few practical items for around the yard that someone might not buy for themselves? One of my favourite items that I bought was an Equi-Ping – it allows me to tie my horses up anywhere, if there is no baling twine, and ensures there’s a safety release for them. It’s also great for nervous horses when training them to stand tied, as it always releases, often quicker than baling twine, or you can release it yourself. Other items that you absolutely cannot go wrong with are leadropes and hoof picks – I know that I have featured them in a previous gift guide, but if you have already bought them, it’s possible they have already gone missing because there is definitely a bermuda triangle that exists for them!

Competition Season Items

The Bijou Pearl Stock Pin I have from Equetech Clothing

Some nice items to pop into a parcel alongside your gift would be hairnets, or scrunchies for showing season. A lovely stock pin is always a hit for both dressage and eventing fanatics alike, and I personally love Equetech’s Stock Pins (I have the Bijou Pearl stock pin which I also spotted on Charlotte Dujardin!).

So there’s a few nice ideas for stocking fillers, or small gifts that can be given on their own and someone will be sure to love! I hope you enjoyed today’s guide – stay tuned tomorrow for a “One Stop Shop” takeover – ideas for how to get all your presents in one go from an Equestrian Retailer, in association with TRI Equestrian!

Natalie xo

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