A drowned rat, but a happy drowned rat!

More jumping this morning for this boy, he is LOVING his work and getting very sassy now Will put up some videos later!

*Soppy post alert*

I can hand on heart say I thoroughly enjoy riding him every single day, there hasn’t been a day I’ve ridden him that I haven’t enjoyed it, and left with smile on my face.

He will never know just how much confidence he gives me, how happy he makes me, how he can lift the weight of a heavy day off my shoulders.

He is like an old glove, my safety net that I can go back to when I’m doubting myself, and without saying a word, somehow reminds me “you can do this”.

I think the same can be said for all horses – when you’ve built that bond with them, it is unbreakable. They give us so much, teach us so much, do so much for us.

They are so much more than just a horse.

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