This global pandemic is hard on so many of us. There’s been much to be disappointed about, to find hard or feel sad about.
But there’s also much to feel grateful for. Things that we’ve learned, ways we’ve improved our day to day, or opportunities to look at how we are really living our lives.
For me, I’ve found so much more balance. The frantic nature of my life – constantly rushing, always late, and forever feeling like I was missing the mark in at least one part of my life, feels like a distant memory. The feeling of always having too much on my plate, and yet never doing enough, is one I haven’t missed.
Not having a commute to work means I now have at least an hour extra back on every working day.

The reduction in rush hour traffic on my route to the yard is saving me at least 30minutes to an hour on the weekday evenings I go to the yard.
Working from home allows me to do quick jobs around the house that would previously have piled up, on my lunch break or in between calls and meetings.
Where I previously struggled to keep one horse in regular work, I’m now managing to ride both horses 4-5 days a week each. (Some weeks are better than others).
I have read 12 books since March.
Yes I find working from home on my own all day a little lonely, and I would certainly prefer to go back to the office a couple of days a week. There are lots of things I miss, and I certainly wish we never had to go through a global pandemic in the first place. But we are here, and while it’s hard, there are always things to be grateful for and always good to be found even in the toughest of times.
My good is the balance I’ve found. I will do all I can to protect and keep that.
I would love to know what your good is – what has changed in your life over the last few months that you want to keep? Have you learned anything new about yourself, or are you living life differently?

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