The level we are competing or riding at.

The level we’re NOT competing or riding at.

Not wanting to compete at all.

Dropping down a level to get our confidence back.

Skipping a day (or even a week) of riding.

Not being perfect every single time we ride.

Not having the fanciest things or the latest products for our horses, and ourselves.

Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography

Choosing to spend our money on all the fanciest things and latest products for our horses and ourselves.

Losing our motivation.

Making a mistake.

Not knowing what to do.

Feeling scared.

Needing help.

Putting ourselves first every once in a while.

Not being able to ‘do it all’.

All that matters is that our horses are loved and cared for.

That they have food, water, shelter and love.

That they feel safe, secure and trust their person.

All that matters is that we love what we do, and what we do brings us joy.

All that matters is that we do our best.

Because if we have that, then we already have everything we need.

And we don’t need guilt.

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