You are in charge of your own life.
You are capable of making decisions for yourself.
You know better than anyone what is best for you.
Sometimes, you will get it wrong. That’s part of being human. Everyone makes mistakes. You will learn from it.
Some people’s opinions and advice will be helpful and in your best interests – and others’ will not. Learn to know the difference and choose who you lend your ear to wisely.
What is right for others won’t necessarily be right for you.
Never make a decision because someone else told you to. Never change your mind because someone disagrees with you. Take advice, yes. But do it because it feels right for you.
Making decisions that are in your best interests or feel right for you may (will) offend people. Resist the urge to accept responsibility for their reaction.
If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.
It is perfectly ok to choose to live your life differently to others.
As long as you are kind, respectful and do no harm to others, you can live your life however you want.
Even if others disagree.
No apologies.

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