In times like this, I am grateful for my horses.
My solace.
My safe place.
My constant.
My source of stability in a world of chaos.
But I also know, that in times like this, sometimes my horses can’t make me feel better.
Sometimes, I feel lonely.
Sometimes, I feel anxious and scared.
Sometimes, I feel hopeless, like this will never end.
And that’s ok too. I am allowed to have tough days, because it’s part of being human.
And no matter how I’m feeling, my horses will be there for me, in their own quiet way.
A soft nicker in the morning when I arrive to the barn.
A nuzzle in my pocket, scrounging for treats.
A trot up the field to me when I arrive at the gate.
And once again, I will remember how grateful I am for my horses.
And with their help, I will get through this.
You will too.

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