In preparation for our first one day event, we are going showjumping this weekend as it’s been a while since we’ve jumped a course of fences away from home.
For anyone who has followed my journey for a while, or anyone who has looked at any of the images on my page, you’ll see that Flash is exceptionally talented and can really jump!
However, I put far too much pressure on myself mentally to be able to ride her and bring out the best of her talent when it comes to jumping. I focus too much on her abilities, what she ‘could’ be out doing if only I was able to ride her better, instead of focusing on what we NEED to do in the short term to have fun, be safe and get to where we want to be in the future.

I really lost my confidence at the start of this year when I had a series of falls off her over the course of a few weeks, and if I’m honest I think she lost some of her confidence during that period too.
So what we really need right now, is to go jumping around some easy simple showjumping courses, that set us up for success and leave us feeling good about ourselves. Not big scary courses (to me) that make me nervous going in (and my legs turn to total jelly), and I can’t kick her over from a trot if I need to.
Right now, what we need, is to leave every session or show feeling like “We were capable of doing more than we did today” instead of “I really wish we hadn’t done that today”. That’s what builds confidence and will leave you wanting more, feeling motivated and excited for the next time around, and confident in yourself that you can do it.
And that’s something anyone can engineer. If your confidence is low, or you feel sick with nerves – do something that is WELL within your capabilities. Maybe something that feels almost a bit too easy for you. Leave feeling like you could have easily done more. Then go back and do more the next time.
Tomorrow, we are jumping the 70cm and 80cm classes at a training show. We could jump higher, but this level makes me feel safe, and it will help us to build back our confidence.
Thank you to my lovely friends for reminding me of this today ❤

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