This year has shown us the importance of adaptability – of being flexible with our plans and goals in the face of uncertainty, and adjusting them accordingly.
This year, I had planned to event for a season at 90 with Flash, hopefully stepping up to 100 by the end of the season, and Paddy should have been back jumping around a course of 90cm by now, ready to step back up to a metre.

dublin horse show
Credit: 1st Class Images
With COVID putting a halt to competition plans, and work getting busier, limiting my time with the horses – my plans and expectations for both myself and the horses have changed, and I’m much easier on us now in terms of the pace at which we need to move to achieve our goals. I’m also finding new goals!
So for the next few weeks while Ireland is at Level 3 and there’s a halt to competing, I’ll be finding new ways to keep us busy! I’ll be focusing on training at home – getting Paddy jumping fit again so we are ready to jump a course of 90cm when competitions resume, and working on my flatwork with Flash so we have one less phase to worry about for next year’s Eventing season!
I also might take that trip to the beach that I’ve been putting off for so long – as who knows when we might be able to go again!
I count myself as one of the lucky ones, to have two lovely horses that give me my solace when times are bad. Everything else is a bonus ❤️
How have your plans changed and adapted this year? Are you focused on any new or different goals since COVID hit?

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