Here is a video of the gymnastics exercise I did with Paddy on Sunday!

It involves:

A grid down the centreline – bounce of cross poles, one stride to a vertical and two strides to an oxer

Two sets of canter poles set at the top and bottom of the arena, to allow you to canter over them on a circle and get your canter back, after completing your grid

An exercise on each long side of the arena that you complete after cantering your circle over the poles – we opted for cross pole bounces with three strides to a vertical on one side, and a related line of five strides on the other side.

Then, you can make a little course out of it – doing your grid down the centre line, get your canter back over the poles on the circle and approach one of the exercises on the long side, get your canter back again over the poles on a circle and do the grid again, go the other way and do the circle plus exercise on the other rein!

The horses loved it and it really kept them on their toes. It is a great exercise to work on your jumping canter and your adjustability/your horse’s ride ability.

We are lucky to have a full course of fences and a 30×60 arena, so if you are limited on jumps or have a smaller arena you could modify this by reducing the number of jumps on the centre line and having one exercise on one long side, but still doing your canter poles on a circle.

If you try this exercise, I would love to see your videos!

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