After last weekโ€™s tense dressage, I decided to enter Flash into a local Combined Training class to let us do another dressage test in a familiar environment, hoping it might be more settled.

She warmed up lovely and was very relaxed throughout the day – I was able to get my leg on her which is always a good barometer for how sheโ€™s coping with a new environment!


Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography


She gave me a very sweet and obedient dressage test for 30.91, and then went on to jump an easy clear round in the jumping, to WIN our class!

This is our first red frilly together, which is all the more special given the journey weโ€™ve been on with our confidence to get to where we are now.

Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography

Every time we go out I feel a little less sick, and every time we jump my legs are less like jelly. Every time I trust Flash a bit more, and she trusts me a bit more. I cantered into the jumping arena today with no doubts or worries, feeling confident that no matter what cropped up we would get around the course together.

I had such a good day today that I even SMILED in a picture – how unlike me!

Credit: Louise O’Brien Photography


If anyone could catch that rare moment it would be Louise O’Brien Equestrian Photography – thank you for for these amazing shots

And a huge thank you to TRI Equestrian had us looking our best – I wore my Covalliero show shirt today for the first time with my Turfmasters show jacket and it was so soft and cool to ride in! Flash is proudly wearing her White Tesoro saddlepad and her toes are nice and shiny thanks to TRM Hoof Oil (All #Gifted)

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