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Welcome to day two of the 12 Days of Giftmas by Inside Track Eventing – the ultimate Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide! Each day for the 12 days, I will be bringing you a range of Christmas gift ideas for the horse lovers in your life, each day centred around a specific theme – that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping, or your own Santa list! 


You can find the entire gift guide for every day here – why not bookmark it so you can come back to it each day, or use it as your inspiration when doing your Christmas shopping?


The theme for Day Two of the 12 Days of Giftmas is Cherished Memories. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and how apt is this for a sport such as ours where your partner doesn’t say a word? Pictures are a great way to look back on beloved and important memories that mean so much to you, time and time again – and what better way to show someone you love them than by giving them the gift of a lifetime of memories through a picture?


Read on to see the range of ways you can give someone those Cherished Memories, with gifts to suit all budgets.


  1. equine photoshoot
    A stunning image captured by Louise O’Brien Photography

    A Photoshoot with their Horse

What better way to have a lifetime of memories to cherish, than by having a professional photographer take some stunning photos of you and your horse to look back on forever? As much as phone cameras have improved over the years, there is just no replacing the quality that a pro photographer can produce, and their impeccable eye for detail and that perfect shot. If you fancy treating someone you love to an unforgettable experience, why not gift them a voucher for a photoshoot on a day of their choice? 

Another beautiful image from one of Louise O’Brien’s photoshoots



[AD – PR Product] If you’re in Ireland, Louise O’Brien Photography offers a range of packages to suit all needs and budgets, and is kindly offering all followers of Inside Track Eventing 15% off photoshoots until the end of November – just quote INSIDETRACK to avail of this super offer!




  1. A Painting of their Horse
Joanne Kavanagh, an artist from Limerick, Ireland – paints more than just horses!

Maybe the person you’re buying for already has lots of photos, and you want to do something a bit different for them. Maybe they’ve got a big blank space on the wall, and would like something special to hang there. Why not gift them a commissioned painting of their beloved horse, from a talented equine artist? A truly unique gift and one someone will cherish for years to come.

Given the lead times on producing a high quality painting, many artists are closed for commissions for Christmas – however like the photoshoot, you could gift someone a voucher so that they can work with the artist when commissions reopen again! 

A stunning commission from Joanne Kavanagh


If you are in Ireland, I can recommend Joanne Kavanagh – a talented artist based in Limerick, Ireland. Joanne has experience in painting a wide range of animals, not just horses, and I have had the pleasure of seeing the art she has produced for a long time now, and can highly recommend her. Contact Joanne here for a quote or to purchase a voucher for a future commission.

One of Sally Campion’s (SJC Equine Art) beautiful commissions mounted on a wall



If you are in the UK, I would recommend working with SJC Equine Art. The time and effort that Sally puts into perfectly recreating each horse, right down to the finest detail, is incredible – worth following her on Instagram to see lots of amazing behind the scenes footage of her commissions! Sally has kindly offered all followers of Inside Track Eventing a whopping 21% off 2021 commissions or vouchers for 2021 commissions. Just quote ITE21 to avail of this amazing offer!


  1. A Canvas for the Wall

Maybe they already have a favourite picture, and now they just need to give it pride of place in their home? You can never go wrong with a canvas. I have two of my favourite pictures on a canvas, with one more on the way, and they hang above my television in the living room. They really lift the space and are such a lovely memory to look at every day when I sit down in front of the television. You can order a canvas from Louise O’Brien if she has taken your photo before, or places such as Photobox are a great one-stop-shop for all things pictures!

My favourite image of Paddy and I, hanging on a canvas above my television.
  1. A Calendar with an achievement for every month

I received this as a gift from a friend a few years ago and it was one of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. She created a calendar for the new year for me, and every month had an image of a special achievement that meant something to me with my horses – something as special as my first time competing at the Dublin Horse Show, to something as simple as my first time taking my young horse cross country schooling for the first time. It is a lovely thing to be able to look back on a new memory every month, and keeps you motivated when times get hard. 


  1. A Mug or Mouse-Mat

For anyone working from home, or in an office based job, what more could you want than getting to look at a picture of your horse when working every day? Why not get them a mug with their favourite picture, for their morning coffee (I have one of me jumping Paddy at the Dublin Horse Show from my lovely friend Laura), or a mousemat that they can see whenever they look down during the working day? It will also give them a little reminder of you each time they look at it!


  1. A Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a really unique gift and one I recently came across which I thought was lovely. Not only can you give someone the gift of their favourite memory in a picture, but also give them the fun of putting the picture together! It could also be a lovely Christmas (or other) day activity for you to do with the recipient of the gift, and it could then be framed as something different to hang on the wall. 


Any of the gifts mentioned above that use previous pictures can be purchased from Photobox – from pictures on mugs, to calendars, to jigsaw puzzles, and even Christmas Baubles! It (and other websites like it) are a real one stop shop if you are looking to give someone the gift of Cherished Memories with their favourite pictures. This is not a sponsored post from Photobox – I just think it’s a really great site to get all of these gifts from 🙂


So that’s six ways to give someone the gift of Cherished Memories this Christmas (and lots more if you trawl those photo websites!), with ideas to suit all budgets. I hope that you found these useful – there will be some very lucky people out there getting some beautiful memories for Christmas this year!


Stay tuned for Day Three tomorrow – and if you fancy another gift guide, why not go back and read Day One – Gifts That Keep On Giving?


Natalie xo


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