Welcome to Day Four of the 12 Days of Giftmas by Inside Track Eventing – the ultimate Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide! Each day for the 12 days, I will be bringing you a range of Christmas gift ideas for the horse lovers in your life, each day centred around a specific theme – that will hopefully provide some inspiration for your Christmas gift shopping, or your own Santa list!

You can find the entire gift guide for every day here – why not bookmark it so you can come back to it each day, or use it as your inspiration when doing your Christmas shopping?

The theme for Day Four of the 12 Days of Giftmas is For the Rider. It’s a well-known fact that every spare penny us horse owners have is invested into keeping our beloved four legged friends in tip-top shape, while we leave ourselves and the things we wear go to ruin. It wouldn’t be unusual for our horses to have a rug for every day of the year, while we are going around in a jacket with holes in it So what better way to show that horse owner in your life that you care, by getting them something they may not choose to (or have the money to) get for themselves – something that’s actually for themselves!

Read on for x gift ideas for the rider, to suit all budgets. There are a few more Gift Guides coming up over the coming days which will hav

equetech inferno
The Equetech Inferno Coat. I won this as a prize in the Equestrian Blogger Awards

e a few more items for the Rider (including Stocking Fillers, Getting Competition Season Ready, and more) that are not included here, so stay tuned!


  • A Long Warm Coat

There is nothing nicer than a cosy warm coat during the cold winter days, and there’s one out there for every budget! My top pick is of course the Equetech Inferno Long Quilted Coat, which was my prize for winning the Equestrian Blogger of the Year Award. It is a long down filled coat with heated panels that you simply plug a power bank into and you’re away! It also unzips at the back so that you can ride in it, and has a nice big cosy hood which would fit over your bobble hat too! Another coat which I came across for less than 100euro is the Covalliero Ladies Long Quilted Coat, a new up and coming brand which I have other items from (I was provided them to review as part of my ongoing Brand partnership with TRI Equestrian) which looks super cosy!

  • Wellies or Country Boots

You really cannot beat a pair of decent wellies or country boots, especially in winter. I have had the same pair of wellies from WoofWear for about four years now and love them – they since discontinued them but have brought out these really cosy looking Yard Boots, and if their quality is anything like my wellies I would highly recommend them! And when it comes to quality, you just cannot beat Le Chameau. For Country Boots, I highly rate the Dublin River Boots or of course, Dubarry.

  • Winter Breeches

    decathlon kipwarm breeches
    Decathlon Kipwarm Breeches

Nothing is worse than the feeling of cold thighs on a cold winter day, and what better way to beat it than a decent pair of Winter Breeches? Again, there’s a few options for different budgets. I’d recommend the Decathlon Kipwarm breeches which are both waterproof and fleece lined (they do look a bit like leather pants but once you get past that they’re a great pair of breeches!). Other breeches that I have not tried but have heard great things about are the HyPERFORMANCE Softshell Winter Breeches.

  • Decent Waterproofs
hv polo kari parka
The HV Polo Kari Parka Jacket

Being based in Ireland, I am at this point, one with the rain. It doesn’t change how horrible it feels to be absolutely soaked through and still have to do more jobs or ride more horses, and that feeling as the wet dries on you and then your body is cold and achey. Or even the feeling of driving home wet! Depending on the person you’re buying for or what they need, you can buy them either individual waterproof items, or an all in one!


My recommendation for a waterproof coat is my recent purchase, the HV Polo Kari Parka Jacket which is waterproof to 8000mm, and unzips at the back so you can ride in it – bonus is it covers the saddle! This particular coat is available on Country & Stable and the lovely Jess from Life on the Buckle has offered her discount code BUCKLE10 for anyone looking to get 10% off!

3 donkeys coveralls
3 Donkeys Dartmoor Ladies Coveralls

In terms of long waterproof trousers, Jade who runs my yard highly rates the Rambo Waterproof Pull Up Trousers for both working and riding in! And if you’re looking for an all in one solution – why not look into a pair of waterproof overalls, like the ones from 3 Donkeys Clothing?

  • Good High Viz

As dark winter days draw in, there has never been a greater need for decent high viz items for the rider (and the horse!). And what better place to go for your items than a company who specialise in just this? Equisafety are a company that specialise in safety and high viz equipment for horse and rider, and are endorsed by Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester, so you know they’re good! Their early Black Friday deals are already live here, with more to be added on 27th Nov.

  • A Cosy Sweater or Zip Up Top

    honest riders
    Honest Riders “Heels Down” Sweatshirt

I love nothing more than a nice cosy sweater or fleece zip up underneath my riding jacket in winter – or worn on its own on a cooler day. A brand I that I think is worth looking at for sustainable, fashionable equestrian wear is Honest Riders, who produce some beautiful sweatshirts in a range of designs to suit all fashion senses! They now even allow you to customise your own sweatshirt, making the range of possibilities even more endless! In terms of zip up tops, I really rate some of the items from Regatta (I got this one on sale and it was such a good buy!), and I have also been lusting after the Covalliero Teddy Sweater, how cosy!

  • A New Riding Top/Base Layer

You can really never have enough base layers or riding tops. They are the perfect item to move between seasons – from wearing as an additional layer in the winter, to wearing on their own in the spring and early/late summer. When it comes to base layers and riding tops, I really believe that you cannot beat Ariat and Schockemohle – I have items from both brands and feel the quality is second to none, and they are well worth the price. The design on some of the Ariat tops are just stunning, and there’s really a design to suit all fashion senses.

  • Some Winter Warmers

Sticking on the theme of staying warm in winter, there isn’t an equestrian out there who won’t thank you for something that is heated. Why not get the rider in your life some heated boot socks or heated hand warmers? They’ll thank you on the cold winter days?

  • New Riding Gloves

    roeckl gloves
    The Roeckl Madison Gloves are my favourite!

You can never have enough riding gloves. I like to have one pair for competing and one pair for day to day riding – and there’s nothing worse than when one or both of these get soaked in the rain! In my opinion nothing compares to the quality and range of Roeckl Gloves – they last forever and have such a range of styles and options, and are well worth the money!

  • A New Belt

A nice belt really sets off and completes your riding outfit, and what better gift to give someone than something that is stylish and will last? I recently came across Pampeano, a company in the UK who make a range of leather and polo belts, and seem to be well rated (I don’t own any of their items but they seem to have great reviews!).

  • Vitamins

It’s not uncommon for equestrians to be exhausted, and often we don’t give our nutrition the same attention as we do for our horses! Every winter, I take Revive Active, to ensure my vitamins and mineral needs are met, and I do feel the difference in my energy levels when I take it. I can highly recommend it!

So there you have it, 10 gift ideas For the Rider in your life – but that’s not all the ideas I have for the rider! Stay tuned for the Stocking Fillers (Low Cost Gift Ideas) and Competition Season Ready (focused on – you guessed it – items for the competition season) for more great ideas for the rider in your life!

Natalie xo

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